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Comprehensive Consulting
for Nonprofits, Foundations
and Endowments

Your Mission Is our Mission

We know you work hard to effect positive, lasting change in your community. Sytsma Wealth Strategies is part of that community, and our experienced advisors partner with you to fulfill your mission by providing comprehensive consulting and investment services to help you meet your fiduciary obligations.

Services for Nonprofits, Foundations and Endowments

Your nonprofit organization needs a process to fulfill your fiduciary obligations.

We are committed to helping you fulfill your distinct mission through our expertise, prudent management approach and investment delivery.

Using a comprehensive approach to investment management allows us to minimize your organization’s administrative tasks so you have more time to focus on what truly matters: fulfilling your organization’s guiding mission and making a meaningful impact on the world around you.

We implement a four step process when providing consulting services to institutions.

01. Understand

Obtain an understanding of your institution’s current situation to determine what, if any, issues need to be addressed in the development of an investment plan.

  • Deconstruct current investment portfolio
  • Review investment policy statement (IPS)
  • Establish and review performance reporting needs and frequency

02. Analyze

Design an investment plan, one which takes into account specific goals and objectives, time frame, risk tolerance, and income needs.

  • Amend or develop new IPS
  • Review asset classes and establish asset allocation
  • Propose investment solution

03. Implement

Implementation is the selection of investments or investment managers to manage the assets. For Investment Managers, their firm’s experience, past performance, compliance with performance standards and adherence to its stated investment discipline are among the important criteria that should be evaluated.

  • Investment committee approves IPS
  • Investment committee approves asset allocation
  • Investment committee approves investment solution

04. Manage

The final component of any successful investment program is the ongoing monitoring of the investments, and investment manager’s performance.

  • Monitor adherence to IPS
  • Deliver performance reporting and market commentary
  • Review investments on an ongoing basis and rebalance to asset allocation targets as needed
Services rendered will be dependent on applicable agreements.

Being a Good Steward Starts
with Having a Good Plan.

Your Access

Stay in touch with your advisors and stay up to date on your financial picture with a number of convenient communications options.

Your Tools

  • “Anytime” account access via our website and mobile APP 
  • Account aggregation for a quick and easy snapshot of your financial landscape 
  • Goal planning and monitoring with our sophisticated software 
  • Secure communication via encrypted email
  • Secure document storage in our online Document Vault

Our Process

Every Successful Plan Needs a Blueprint

For nonprofits looking to make the maximum impact, the Sytsma Wealth Blueprint is a personalized and straightforward path to optimized wealth management.


We strive to understand everything that matters to your organization and its financial goals.


We design a custom blueprint that will give you confidence in your success.


We work together to optimize and to protect your organization’s wealth.

You Envision a Better World.
We’ll Get There Together.