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Strategic Wealth Planning
for Business Owners

It’s Why You Work that Matters

Your business is what you do, but the people who count on you — your community at work and your family at home — are why you do it. With so much at stake and with so many variables in play, leave the complications of managing your wealth to our expert team. It’s one less thing on your desk, and one more way to help you focus on what matters — namely, why you work.

Services for Business Owners

Asset Management

Choose your financial path with confidence

We’ll review a wide array of financial products, investment options, account types and more, then we’ll create a plan to fit your specific situation and goals.

Business Succession Planning

Prepare for the future of what you’ve built

Should you transfer ownership to family or employees or an outside party? How does this fit into estate planning? We can help you answer these questions and many more.

Charitable Giving

See your best intentions all the way through

Our expert team understands the tax issues, fund and annuity options, trust types and other variables in giving — all of which should be considered.

Estate Planning & Trusts

Take care of those you love for generations to come

Our team can help with the complex issues of wealth distribution and protection, ensuring your assets continue to make an impact and serve the people and groups you care about most.

Integrated Wealth Management

Transform your dream into an achievable plan

Whether you’re looking to build a dream home, help launch a business, protect yourself in retirement or build a legacy for generations, we can help with a custom-tailored plan.

Longevity Planning

Live a long and happy life — well-planned

As we live longer lives, we need better plans. Our expert team can help you design a retirement and longevity plan to cover your physical and financial well-being.

Retirement Planning

Enjoy the fruits of your labor to the fullest

However you picture your retirement, we can help to ensure it comes with minimal tax burden, minimal financial concerns — and minimal impact to your quality of life

In Wealth and in Life, a Strong Plan Will Take You Further.

Your Access

Stay in touch with your advisors and stay up to date on your financial picture with a number of convenient communications options.

Your Tools

  • “Anytime” account access via our website and mobile APP 
  • Account aggregation for a quick and easy snapshot of your financial landscape 
  • Goal planning and monitoring with our sophisticated software 
  • Secure communication via encrypted email
  • Secure document storage in our online Document Vault

Our Process

Every Successful Project Needs a Blueprint

For owners looking to protect and optimize what they’ve built, the Sytsma Wealth Blueprint is a personalized and straightforward path to optimized wealth management.


You are unique. We understand the nuances that matter for your business, investments and family.


We design custom Wealth Plans that lead you to a confident future.


Your plan is continuously refined to ensure that your changing needs are being met.

Your Journey to a Life Well-planned Starts Here