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Sytsma Wealth
Planning Process

Our Process

Your Success Built to Plan

Just as every solid house is built to a plan, every financial life needs a solid blueprint. We’ll discuss your goals and needs, build you a custom Sytsma Wealth Blueprint and then move forward together, making informed decisions for the success of your business and your family.


You work hard to see your business, your investments and your family succeed, but you need a partner who knows how to make that success last. We work hard to fully understand your financial goals, so we can design the most effective blueprint for you.


You’ll gain confidence in your financial future as we take what you’ve shared with us and design a Sytsma Wealth Blueprint especially for you—a comprehensive, straightforward and effective plan to help you achieve your goals.


You’ll achieve confidence as we guide you through all the necessary steps to protect and optimize your wealth. At various points we’ll review progress, make adjustments if needed and continue advancing and meeting your goals.

The Sytsma Wealth Blueprint

You have financial questions; the Sytsma Wealth Blueprint will help to answer them, creating a path for informed decision-making as we meet your goals.


Your money working for you

  • How much risk will you tolerate?
  • Are you diversified enough?
  • How involved do you want to be?
  • What’s your definition of successful investing?

Business & Personal Finance

Your Goals for the Wealth You've Built

  • What’s your plan for retirement income/savings?
  • What about debt management?
  • Do you need an education savings plan?

Family & Estate

How your life becomes a legacy

  • How should your wealth be distributed?
  • Do you have heirs that need protecting from themselves?
  • What about gifting, debt and asset organization?

Business Owners

You work hard to secure a bright future for the ones you love. We work alongside you to build a wealth plan that keeps you and your family on firm financial footing.


You’re on a mission to create a strong and vibrant community. Our wealth advisors support you with a plan that will make your impact last.

Your Journey to a Life Well-planned Starts Here