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Simple tips for securing your computer

Andy Zolper, Chief IT Security Officer, provides suggestions for how investors can improve their personal computer security.

10/6/17 (originally published 6/29/17)

Investors increasingly use their personal computers to access and manage their finances, making computer security more important than ever. Follow these simple tips from Andy Zolper, Chief IT Security Officer, to help secure your computer and protect your personal information.

What your loved one needs now, what you'll need later

The gift of preparation

Dialogue and documentation to help you provide the care your loved one desires... and plan for your own needs in the future.


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Where do caregivers go for support?

A guide to combating compassion fatigue

posted 8/14/17

The physical, emotional and financial costs of caregiving

Caregiver burnout affects millions.  Here's how to fight it.

It's time to stop giving money to your grown kids

Published June 8, 2017

Parents need to be willing to cut financial ties

Adult children accustomed to having Mom and Dad give them $200 here, $500 there may be in for a rude awakening.  Cutting the children off is high on the list of actions parents are willing to consider to shore up their own retirement nest eggs.

Smart Savings with 529s [INFOGRAPHIC]

May 9, 2017

A college education can be the gift of a lifetime.

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DOL Rule Implementation... or not

Tami Sytsma, CFP® CPWA®, Registered Principal, RJFS, Financial Strategist, SWS

April 26, 2017

Last year, the Department of Labor made sweeping changes to the ERISA fiduciary standard of care, (originally intended to be effective 4/10/17) redefining who is considered a fiduciary with respect to retirement plans and IRAs by reason of providing investment advice for compensation. Fiduciary duty is the legal responsibility between two parties for one party (the fiduciary) to act solely in the interest of the other party (the principal – you). For example, if an advisor is considering recommending one of two investments to her client and those investments are, for all intents and purposes, equal except that one will pay the advisor a higher commission by charging the client a higher fee, the advisor is obligated to recommend the investment with the lower fee, as it’s in the best interest of the client to pay less fees.


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Grandparents Are Teachers, Too

April 5, 2017 (originally published 3/22/17)

Surprisingly, millennials and their grandparents share similar attitudes about money. Consider these ways to impart financial wisdom early and often.

Why Community College May Make Cents - A Lot of Them

March 1, 2017

When working as a statistician at the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado, Denver, Caroline Bublitz, Ph.D., had to meet a few employees from a community college for a project. She recalls they were surprised when she told them she had attended their school.

5 Major Life Events That Can Impact Your Taxes

February 8, 2017

Major life milestones – like getting married, having a baby, or switching jobs – are significant events filled with emotion and adjustment. Perhaps your name, address, or employer will change. Or, maybe the size of your family will be impacted. Whatever the situation may be, life events also come with a host of tax implications that will impact how you prepare and file your taxes. Consider these five major life events and some helpful tips that can help to make your taxes less taxing.