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Christine Lindeman

“Do the Best You Can Until You Know Better. Then, When You Know Better, Do Better.”

– Maya Angelou

Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™ - Client Service Manager, SWS

What Do You Like Best About Working at Sytsma Wealth Strategies?

Having great conversations with our clients, learning about their families and their interests, and working in Uptown!

Christine Lindeman Profile

Favorite Family Tradition?

Hosting Thanksgiving. 13 of us in our home for 3 days

What Skill Do You Want to Master?

I want to learn a second language

Fondest Childhood Memory?

Vacations Up North to my Grandparent’s home

Go-To Spot for G.R. Visitors?

Uptown, of course!  Restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, parks & shopping

What Does Your Ideal Retirement Look Like?

An annual trip to the North Rim Lodge of the Grand Canyon to enjoy a cup of coffee, followed by some hiking.