Our Services

Our Services

We can help you with virtually every aspect of your financial plan, including wealth preservation, enhancement and transfer; asset consolidation; and business and succession planning.

Visit Raymond James for an idea of the scope of our products and services – but keep in mind that we are independent advisors that can go well beyond this menu. If you have a question about a specific service, product or personal financial goal, just ask.

Our services are relevant to every stage of your life, including:

*The stories below are fictional examples. Real world experiences may be different.

Wealth ManagmentWealth Management

John and Whitney have created a substantial portfolio, but feel they’ve lost control of where and how their money is invested – and how much it’s costing them. Tami puts it all together for them and others with complex financial lives:

  • Asset Management – discover the benefits of professional asset management.
  • Estate Coordination – think of it like having your own financial steward.
  • Tax Planning – take control of your investment tax liability.
  • Lending Solutions – develop a strategy for accessing cash in response to specific life events and business situations.

Life 2.0Retirement

Bill and Jackie spent so much of their lives growing the family business that they neglected planning for retirement. Tami helps them and other soon-to-be retirees face the next phase of their lives with confidence:

  • Retirement Planning – map out a comprehensive retirement strategy and keep it on track.
  • Cash Management – understand the potential and importance of cash in your overall financial strategy.
  • Social Security Optimization – determine what benefit strategy is right for you.

Growing FamiliesGrowing Families

Cory and Rachel want to save for their children’s college education and their own retirement while enjoying the fruits of their labor in the here and now. Tami shows them and other growing families how to build a strategy for both goals:

  • Financial Planning – overcome inertia and create an actionable plan.
  • Goal Planning – identify and pursue your short- and long-term goals.
  • Insurance Planning – help save your family from financial hardship if you pass unexpectedly.
  • College Planning – understand the impact of your child’s savings on his/her student aid.