Independent. Collaborative. Experienced.

Sytsma Wealth Strategies is an independent firm. Our advisors are dedicated to the financial success of our clients.

Our office is located in Uptown Grand Rapids – the city’s most vibrant and exciting business district, where local entrepreneurs are transforming long-neglected properties into popular and profitable destinations.

While the momentum is ever forward, there is a great respect for preserving the past. This combination of “roots and wings” – of vision informed by experience – is something we incorporate into our own business.

This is also the city’s most diverse neighborhood, a key consideration for us as a female-owned business. We believe diversity is strength, in business and in financial planning, and we wanted a location that would help emphasize the advantages we bring to wealth management. We are more open and collaborative, more organized and detail-oriented, and more equipped to deal with complex family dynamics and other emotional issues that can arise when dealing with money and legacy.

Owner Tami Sytsma literally grew up in this business, learning sound financial principles from her father while exploring new and innovative ways to deliver financial services. She and her staff will work tirelessly to translate your goals into long-term wealth management strategies.