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6 Tips to Keep Your Children Safe on Social Media

When it comes to kids, bumps, bruises, and broken arms aren’t the only things keeping parents awake at night.

12 Questions to Ask Before You Retire

For many of us, retirement will feel like the first time in our lives that we have complete control over what we do with our time – and where we live. But making choices, starting with such basics as your age at retirement, can feel overwhelming. And the seemingly non-financial decisions may have a big impact on how much income you’ll need, so it’s worth thinking through while you’re still saving.

Is it time to harvest your losses?

The fourth quarter is a good time to review your overall asset allocation to ensure it is both tax efficient and aligns with your financial goals. Since some investments generate more taxable distributions than others, it’s important to evaluate your investments, after-tax returns, portfolio turnover ratio and historical distributions to get a sense of your annual tax liability. Especially at year end, you have the opportunity now to take steps to help minimize this year’s tax liability.

Four Ways to Start a Charitable Tradition

In a classic experiment by psychologist J. Philippe Rushton, two groups of children watch a teacher play a game either generously or selfishly. The teacher preaches about generosity to both. The result: The children modeled the behavior they witnessed, regardless of what they were told. Are you modeling generosity for the people who matter in your life? Here are fun ways to engage the different generations of your family when it comes to paying it forward.

Reasons Behind Recent Swings in U.S. Equities

The recent fluctuations in U.S. equity markets have left investors rattled and searching for an explanation. While it’s hard to pinpoint a specific catalyst for the decline, Raymond James experts believe a combination of the following factors helped turn the markets sour.

Late-August Market Volatility Update [VIDEO]

Raymond James Chief Investment Strategist Jeff Saut addresses recent volatility and discusses what it means for investors going forward.

Tips for a Smoother Homebuying Process

Homebuying is simultaneously one of the most exciting, frustrating, emotionally draining and ultimately satisfying endeavors you can go through. But if the thought of minimizing the frustration and exhaustion to make your homebuying journey more pleasurable appeals to you, you may want to keep these homebuying tips in mind. Who knows, you might even want to do it again and again.