OUR VISION: To be big enough to affect positive change in our community; to stay small enough to be able to provide personal service.


OUR MAIN GOAL IS TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER.  That’s what a good advisor should do –

  • relieve some of the burden,

  • anticipate the potential issues and have a plan to address them should they arise,

  • and be available as a resource for you and your family as well as your other trusted advisors.

This approach requires a high level of engagement but could result in a high level of satisfaction.  More engagement doesn’t have to equate to more meetings, phone calls, or correspondence, though.  The secure technology available to our clients means we can easily communicate via several online methods without your personal information being at risk, in addition to the more traditional methods.


  • We are your trusted advisor and collaborator, here to make your life simpler

  • We are your active partner in working to achieve your financial goals

  • We are knowledgeable and experienced  - see ABOUT US – Tami/Christine/Raymond James

  • We are empathetic and understanding

  • We are always acting in a fiduciary capacity – putting the best interests of our clients first

  • We are here to provide guidance for your whole family

  • We are embracers of the entrepreneurial spirit of Grand Rapids

  • We are an active part of our community and work hard at being a positive contributor to society through our involvement in various community and philanthropic organizations


  • We are not stock brokers – we provide a holistic approach to your finances, taking into account your overall family, business, and financial circumstances

  • We are not reactionary investors or advisors – market fluctuations are taken into account as one piece of the plan

  • We are not new to the game – we were here before, during, and after The Great Recession

  • We are not looking for short-term associations – the more engaged you are as a client the more satisfaction you will get out of our relationship